Particulate filters/particulate filter systems

Specially designed and manufactured to suit your requirements, our particulate filter systems are extremely effective at reducing soot emissions from your engines. The filters can be used on land, water, in rolling stock and underground. Our heavy-duty variants with a power range of more than 200 kW are highly flexibly thanks to their modular design.

We use a variety of technologies. First of all, we use ceramic wall flow filters, which are made by extruding a ceramic component with channel structures that are alternately sealed at the inlet and outlet ends. In these filters, the exhaust gas flows into the open inlet end of the channels. From here, it is diverted through the porous walls and into the adjacent channels, where it escapes at the open outlet end. Particulate matter like soot and ash are captured as the gas passes through the filter walls. We mainly use robust and high-quality silicon carbide SiC as the ceramic material. Cordierite can also be used as the ceramic material in weight-sensitive and vibration-free special applications.

Secondly, we use sintered metal as our preferred filter material for mobile NRMM (non-road mobile machinery) applications, such as construction machinery or forklifts. As the name suggests, this filter material is made of a special metal alloy that is sintered in mat form and then shaped into pockets. The mats have a porous structure, through which the gas flows for purification. Soot remains behind on the surface of the sintered metal pockets, and the purified gas flows out on the inside of the pockets.

We design all of our soot filter systems to suit the specific project. Depending on the application, one or more filter modules are installed within one compact soot filter housing.

We can also design our systems so that the soot filter systems simultaneously act as silencers, removing the need for an additional exhaust silencer in some applications.