Inland navigation

Inland navigation was long considered one of the cleanest modes of transport. Inland vessels are still competitive due to their vast cargo capacity and, with their low fuel consumption per tonnage and kilometre travelled, lead the field in regard to carbon footprint.

However, recent decades have seen a steady and drastic tightening of emission regulations for road-based vehicles, with the result that the latest haulage means now approved in Europe are considerably greener than inland navigation.


The Saubermann advantage has long been out of hand. With the introduction of the new European Regulation (EU) 2016/1628 with effect from 01.01.2019 for ship engines with less than 300 kW and with 01.01.2020 for ship engines with 300 and more kW, the inland waterway vessels are to be cleaned again.

At Fischer, we have been dealing with exhaust gas treatment on inland vessels for almost 15 years.


Limit values ​​and introduction dates of EU level V for the IWP / IWA engine category.

Power CI/SI CO HC 1) NOx PM PN A 1) Date 2)
[kW]   [g/kWh] [g/kWh] [g/kWh] [g/kWh] [#/kWh]    
19 ≤ P < 75 beide 5,00 (HC + NOx ≤ 4,70) 0,30 - 6,00 6,00 01.01.2019
75 ≤ P < 130 beide 5,00 (HC + NOx ≤ 5,40) 0,14 - 6,00 6,00 01.01.2019
130 ≤ P < 300 beide 3,50 1,00 2,10 0,10 - 6,00 01.01.2019
P ≥ 300 beide 3,50 0,19 1,80 0,015 1*1012 6,00 01.01.2020

1) For gas engines, the A factor must be used to determine the HC limit values
2) Date of placing on the market, type approval one year earlier


Our exhaust gas aftertreatment systems for marine diesel applications generally consist of:

  1. A diesel oxidation catalyst
  2. A diesel particulate filter
  3. A DeNOx system (denitrification system or SCR system)
  4. Or a combination of the aforementioned techniques 1, 2 and / or 3

Our systems are used in:

  1. newly installed engines (new ships or remotorizations)
  2. engines already in use


A small extract and information on some of the more than 150 Fischer systems in use on inland vessels can be found here in the references section. For more detailed information, please contact us directly. We are happy to help you with your challenges.