SMF-DME – Product description

We developed our original SMF-DME system so that you can benefit from an effective particulate filter system even if you only need to use one temporarily. This downstream filter variant is a reasonably priced alternative to fixed models. It will enable you to comply with the requirements of TRGS 554 when using mobile construction machinery inside production facilities, buildings, tunnels or in underground engineering.

How it works
The filter system is attached to the machine and connected to the exhaust outlet. This filter is not limited to a particular vehicle and can be used for a wide variety of tasks. Each filter system has a pressure gauge with a traffic light display. This allows you to keep a constant eye on the exhaust gas back pressure that is currently acting inside the filter. If this pressure enters the red range, it means that the filter needs cleaning.

The SMF-DME requires cleaning at certain intervals, as it is unable to perform regeneration itself. The operating time between these cleaning intervals depends on the load, the oil consumption and the engine wear. These factors can vary considerably, so the filter’s exhaust gas back pressure is taken as an indicator for necessary cleaning. Cleaning the filter element is child’s play using a standard high-pressure cleaner.