Chimney Systems and Solutions

We, together with our Polish partner Company MK Sp.  Z o.o., a member of the Sphering group, offer chimney systems and customized solutions for industrial plants and cogeneration plants. Paired with our expertise in exhaust gas aftertreatment for power generators, industrial plants, and cogeneration plants, our customers benefit from our joint and wide range of products.

Stainless steel chimneys
All chimneys or exhaust pipes are made of high-quality stainless steel. The systems consist of pipes and fittings with a round or oval cross-section. The pipes and fittings are connected by slightly flared sockets and an insertion end, ensuring a tight and stable joint. All chimney systems are approved by the Institute for Building Technology in Berlin and are externally monitored by the Materials Testing Office in Dortmund. We manufacture from 80 mm to 800 mm in diameter - also in different material thicknesses. Special fittings and accessories such as hoods and covers are available on request, and copper versions are also possible.

For every exhaust gas system design, precise cross-sectional dimensioning according to DIN 4705 should be carried out to prevent damage and ensure functionality. 

Please feel free to contact us for this purpose!

Double-wall system MKD/MKKD

Double-wall exhaust system with an inner pipe and outer casing made of stainless steel, with a 30 mm thick insulation layer in between. The longitudinal seams are plasma-welded, unlike often only riveted or spotted. The cutting is done on a laser cutting machine.

Strict norms and guidelines are the basis of every chimney calculation. We naturally carry out all these calculations according to the latest guidelines. By the way, we are happy to do this for you - completely free of charge!

The installation of exhaust pipes requires approval. Therefore, involve your responsible chimney sweep master in the planning early on to prevent possible problems.