Vibration control

  • Acoustic and vibratory isolation for high-performance machines, combustion engines and CHP plants
  • Linear expansions are easily compensated and vibrations perfectly eliminated


  • Pipe engineering for CHP plants
  • Complete mounting of systems
  • Isolation of exhaust pipes
  • Isolation within the foundations of a plant

Our compensator range includes the following products:

  • Silicone compensators are intended for use in cooling water and combustion air systems.
  • Pipe compensators are used in cooling water systems.
  • Exhaust gas compensators are installed in exhaust gas systems.
  • Axial compensators (DVGW) are used in gas-powered installations.
  • Corrugated hoses made of stainless steel are intended for use on cooling water lines, exhaust gas lines, gas supply lines and many more besides.
  • Special compensators are designed as bespoke solutions for your application.