E-Power: Active regeneration with an electric heating element


  • The heating element helps passive soot filters reach the necessary regeneration temperature in the low-load range.
  • It is used in motor-generator sets that run at a constant speed, such as power units, and elsewhere.
  • The max. standard output of the heating element is approx. 12 kW, making it suitable for combustion engines up to approx. 120 kW. Special applications that deviate from the above standard range are custom-built for specific projects.

How it works:

  • Exhaust gases will not reach the required regeneration temperature without load. It is impossible to tell how long this state will persist, so the heating element activates at a pre-set exhaust gas temperature.
  • The heating element switches off again after a time “X” once a defined exhaust gas temperature has been reached. 
  • All parameters can be configured to suit the specific use case.
  • The heating element raises the temperature in two ways. Firstly, the active electrical exhaust gas heating places a load on the generator; secondly, the waste gas temperature is also increased “passively” by the electrical load.