HELIOSFFB – The perfect all-rounder for exhaust gas aftertreatment

The Fischer engineers developed the HELIOSFFB full-flow burner to cover a wide range of applications in this area.

Thanks to this technology, the exhaust gas temperature can be raised to the necessary level of 250° C to 600° C.

The required supply of combustion air is ensured by a specially developed 2-stage ring compressor featuring highly dynamic delivery volume adjustment and running on either a 24 VDC or 400 VAC power supply.

This burner system enables complete regeneration of particulate filters, even without a diesel oxidation catalyst or additives. It also allows SCR-DeNOx systems to be operated in the low-load range.

With the HELIOSFFB, active thermal management is possible at practically any engine operating point and with virtually any fuel quality.


  • Burner head and sensors
  • Infinitely adjustable fuel delivery module
  • Infinitely adjustable, dynamic air supply
  • Control unit/CAN bus-ready


  • Dynamic full-flow burner
  • Rated thermal input
  • Infinite power adjustment
  • Exhaust back pressure up to 200 mbar (dynamic)
  • Operating voltage 24 VDC or 230/400 VAC
  • CAN bus-ready
  • Compatible with diesel, heating oil or MDA
  • Swirl-stabilised flame